We're increasing the choice of food available to our customers by making it possible for you to order from further afield and therefore order from even more of the restaurants that you love.

This means that there will be more variation in the distances between you and the restaurant you're ordering from – and so we're replacing the current static delivery fee with variable delivery fees, rolling them out across the country in phases.

This variable delivery fee means you may be paying a little bit more or less for your deliveries, depending on a range of factors, including how far away the restaurant you're ordering your food from is and the time it takes the rider to deliver your food.

A variable fee also means that we're able to pay our riders more for longer distance deliveries.

By extending our service so you can order from more restaurants, even more food is available to you even more often. We want you to have the widest choice possible, so amazing food is available to you wherever you are, whenever you want it.

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